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I've been a baker all of my life, but a healthier lifestyle led me to rethink one of my passions! I still love a good cookie, so I have created recipes that contribute to health while still satisfying your sweet tooth! Made with organic ingredients and whole foods, they are sure to please!

For atheletes, runners, or fitness junkies, my Recovery Cookies replenish your body with branch chain amino acids and protein to help fight muscle soreness and fatigue.

For mamas, my Lactation Cookies fill in the caloric boost you need for sustained milk production, with the added support of galactogogues like flax, oat, and Brewer's Yeast! 

New Cookie Dough Granola is a lower sugar, higher protein choice that works for breakfast, snack or dessert! 

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What people are saying...

"Omg! This is the best batch of cookies I’ve had yet! The chocolate chips with walnuts are the bomb! I haven’t tried PB ones yet! Thank you for making such delicious treats! And the granola is soooo yummy... It’s not dry or hard and crunchy, it’s the perfect consistency and I don’t even mind the dried fruit in it! Just please tell me I can eat that on the same day as the cookies cause I did yesterday [😂] "
-Elizabeth B.

"So the peanut butter cookies are great, but the choc chip are to die for! I started back at work this week and I definitely think they have helped me be able to pump for my daughter (and reduce the anxiety that comes with it). Thanks again, I will be ordering again soon if I continue this process [😊] "
-Eileen T.

"Thank you for the most amazing choc chip cookies! I forced myself to freeze half the batch after I couldn't trust myself to not eat them all the first day! And they froze so well-quick to thaw on the counter and just as yummy as the first day  :) Can't wait to try pb and the new banana bread next!"
-Megan F.

"These cookies are amazing! I have to keep them out of my sight so I don't eat them all at once. I got the chocolate chip ones and definitely want to try the other varieties once these are gone."
- Sarah K.

"I have the chocolate chip and the peanut butter and they are both delicious! Just as good after freezing if not better. Definitely a yummy way to keep my supply up. Thank you, Joanna!"
- Dana B.